Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Stamps 64 - Honiton Royal Mail Post Bus

I've been planning to share this philatelic gem for a while now, and this week's Sunday Stamps theme of anything you wish has given me the opportunity. It's been quite a while since I took this out of its presentation pack, and I had forgotten that it contained a wealth of inserts, as well as the stamps, which doubled-up as the bus ticket. So given this is a Sunday Stamps posting, I'll start with the stamps themselves. These stamps are the first day of issue and represent the 19p bus fare, in September 1978. Also shown is the 'last day of issue' of bus ticket which the stamps replaced.

Royal Mail Post Bus Ticket, September 1978

Royal Mail Post Bus postcard

 Honiton Royal Mail Post Bus insert

Honiton Royal Mail Post Bus timetable

Honiton Royal Mail Post Bus fare schedule



  1. I never heard of postbuses before. They sound like a good idea.

  2. Great post. Does that bus still operate? If it does, will the PO put up the fares by over 30% as they are doing for the post?

  3. What an interesting story :)

  4. This is a gem!
    I like how they included the names of the two employees, too.
    Interesting to see payment in stamps.

  5. Delightful. what a special thing this whole package is. Thank you for participating.

  6. Love that bus! The colors make me think of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.


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