Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sepia Saturday 123 - May time

I've been away in India all week and have only just returned, so only time for the briefest of Sepia Saturday postings from me this week. I don't have anything to do with May poles, but I do have a vintage postcard called May time on the Ching, Epping Forest. The postcard was published by Hildesheimer and dates back to 1908.

May time on the Ching, Epping Forest

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  1. that's a lovely scene. But doesn't it seem like the Ching should be in China?

  2. OK, Nancy is reading my mind -- I had the same thought. In fact, when I googled it, and found an article, I was momentarily confused thinking there must be ANOTHER River Ching. Thanks for posting this lovely card which has expanded my geography awareness.

  3. Fine postcard, but I'm intrigued by the tree on the right. What is it I wonder? The colouring makes it dificult to identify,

  4. Welcome back, and thanks for the pretty card. The tree on the right could be a cherry?

  5. Welcome back. I'd like to be in a little boat on that river.

  6. It really is a beautiful card.
    What were you doing in India? Will we get a report?


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