Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Stamps 62 - S.S. Great Britain

I've been in India with work all week but fortunately there's just about time for me to submit a short posting for this week's Sunday Stamps. This is a commemorative cover of the arrival of the S.S.Great Britain back at Avonmouth after having been serving in the Falkland Islands for 84 years. This is one of the last covers before we took the plunge and went from pounds, shillings and pence to become decimal.

Commemotaive cover featuring a 1 shilling S.S.Great Britain stamp, c.1970



  1. That looks like an amazing ship. I am surprised it lasted that long.

  2. Check out my post at
    for a picture of SS Great Britain in the state it was in the Falklands before being restored at Bristol.
    Great Ship, stamp does not do it justice.

  3. What a beautiful ship - just checked Scotney's photos of it, too for added pleasure.

  4. Wow, both steam and sail. Thanks for joining in.

  5. I can remember the change-over well, where I was on Decimalisation Day and all that. And that means that I should be able to remember the return of SS Great Britain.


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