Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Stamps 60 - Public Transportation

It's been a few weeks since I've participated in Sunday Stamps. Work has been manic, and the kids' social events seem to occupy most of the weekend. Can't say I'm looking forward to standing on the touchline this afternoon as it's grim weather here. I had quite a few public transportation related stamps to choose from but eventually decided on this one as it's quite unusual. Admittedly the stamp itself does not feature any mode of transportation, but the postmark and first day cover envelope all do, so I hope this slight deviation from the theme is ok :-)

The first day cover is of the final arrival at Southampton of the Queen Mary, 19th October 1967.

First day cover, Last Arrival at Southampton of the Queen Mary

Insert from first day cover



  1. It is sad when old trains and ships are decommissioned. But it is a very nice FDC.

  2. Two queens on one cover:-) I agree with Jocelyn, usually quite poignant when the crowds have gathered on land to see its last journey.

  3. A fine FDC to have of the old Queen.

  4. That grand Queen Mary certainly had a long and fulfilled life on the ocean, a most wonderful addition either through war times or just bringing an amazing amount of people to their destinations! The Cundard stamps are a great find, as the company itself! A very delightful post! In just one postcard!

  5. i like deviations :) and that is a nice envelope to commemorate the Queen Mary.

  6. An interesting bit of history. I'm glad you showed the insert too.


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