Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday Stamps 29 - Ceylon

I suppose like many people of my age, stamp collections were passed down through parents and relatives. I can't say that my parents actually had a stamp collection as such, but I do remember one day being handed a box which contained hundreds of stamps that they had accumulated, rather than collected, throughout the years. This was back in the early 1970's, and the stamps in the box were, as a far as I can remember, all from the various British colonial outposts that my relatives had visited and sent cards and letters home from. I have plenty to choose from but these 3 are probably my favourite. I'm not sure if they are from the same set, but have always felt they were. The stamps are from left to right ... 9c Plucking Tea, 6c Colombo Harbour, 2c Tapping Rubber.

3 stamps from Ceylon, c.1936

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  1. My father got rid of his stamp collection before I was old enough to be interested. However, I did receive a collection from a friend of my mother.

  2. Lovely stamps. They don't even have to be worth anything, a stamp collection is just fun to look at.

  3. Fine group of stamps. Ceylon (Sri Lanka) had a special significance for Britain back then.

  4. Lovely stamps. I was in Sri Lanka and bought postcards (and stamps) and sent them to myself :) When I was younger, I remember peeling off seals from tea packs and kept them them along with my stamps.

    Postcards Crossing: Tunisian flag on stamps"

  5. I too have boxes full of stamps hidden in cupboards and dark places. I have always thought of them as being too small for interest, but your post has made me realise that with the power to scan and enlarge, a whole new opportunity opens.

  6. How great it is to have stamps from family. Those are very attractive. The blue middle stamps really knocks my socks off!


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