Saturday, 15 January 2011

Vintage postcards of Liverpool

This week has been a bit of a blur and Friday had been and gone before I even had time to consider what I might share on Postcard Friendship Friday. As I've blogged before, I have about 200 unsorted postcards to wade through which arrived early in the New Year, so that's where these 2 come from. Liverpool must be the biggest city in England that I've not visited, so it's always interesting to pay it a virtual visit through my vintage postcards. It's definitely on my list of places to visit, just need to find the time. Without further reseacrh I have no idea whether any of these buildings or streets still exist, I do hope so.

Liverpool, Town Hall
Liverpool, Church Street

As usual, 100's more vintage postcards on my web site


  1. I haven't visited anywhere in England. Happy PFF.

  2. I hope so too. These are very nice street scenes.

  3. Any postcard is referencing many untold or forgotten stories.
    What does a global villager comprehend today by looking at an old postcard from somewhere in the world?
    Not much.
    Unless you share an interesting fact or thought about it, maybe. :)

  4. Ah, I spent many happy times there, as a student at the university. A wonderful warm-hearted city.

  5. They may still be there - but I'm sure things look a lot different! It would be nice if a Liverpool reader would take a picture of today's view for us!

  6. Well the town hall definitely is still there. Liverpool has some stunning neo-classical buildings, no wonder there are no shortage of postcards. I have only made the odd day trip so cannot add any more. Nice cards.

  7. These is crazy dude! The images are really impressive! Such a great idea that you share those beautiful cards to us! Thank you so much!


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