Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sepia Saturday 57 - the Recycling of Stoke Poges Church Spire

In the recent batch of 200 or so vintage postcards I have yet to find the time to sort through properly, I was looking for a suitable postcard for this week's Sepia Saturday and found this one. It's a fairly ordinary looking postcard of Stoke Poges Church in Buckinghamshire, but what struck me as interesting about it was the caption which reads 'Stoke Poges Church, Spire removed 1924'. Curious to know more I researched the history and found that the spire was replaced in 1834 and then finally removed in 1924 as it was endangering the structure. Once removed the spire was used to make the 2 lych gates which span the churchyard path, which I also have a postcard of. More information about Stoke Poges Church

Stoke Poges Church, spire removed 1924

Stoke Poges Church and Lych gate

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  1. I like that lynch gate. Does anyone know why they are called lynch gates?

  2. @Bob - it's actually "lych" rather than "lynch" ;-)

    Wikipedia has loads of info at Lychgate

  3. I really like the gateway cool! Very nice addition, thanks!

  4. The gateway is beautiful but don't you think the church looks "less" than it would with a spire? Thanks for the link at Wikipedia. I hadn't thought to look up its purpose. Very interesting.

    Your postcard collection must be very extensive for you to have photos of both the church and the gate.

  5. How interesting. This is the real joy of many of such old postcards isn't it : they send you off in search of things you never knew existed. What started as a simple greetings card becomes a prompt for historical research : which is another fine example of recycling.

  6. At least they made use of the spire (and beautifully). Did you read "Ticklebear's" post?

  7. Lovely church but a shame it could take the weight of the spire however the lych gate is a beautiful structure.

  8. Sometimes the foundations were not as good as the one that the main building had and it would lean in on them and endanger the walls of them main structure. A local church a few block away recently put up a solid bell tower and it had to come down for that very reason.

  9. as the saying goes, "waste not, want not". nice to see they preserved the main building, and made good use of the spire.

  10. I really like the gateway entrance.The gateway is too much attractive.
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