Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sepia Saturday 144 - Admiralty Arch, London

For the 2nd week running I have been almost too busy to participate in Sepia Saturday. The only plus side of this morning's dark and damp weather is that I have managed to find a few minutes to produce a submission, albeit not on theme this week. The vintage postcards below are of Admiralty Arch in London, which sits at the opposite end of the Mall to Buckingham Palace. When I used to have meetings in our old office in the Strand, instead of getting the tube across from Paddington I would oftern walk down through Hyde Park, Green Park, and then along the Mall, going under Admiralty Arch before weaving my way along the Strand to the office.

Admiralty Arch, London

Admiralty Arch, showing the Mall and Buckingham Palace, London

As usual 100's of vintage postcards including plenty of London can be found on my web site



  1. I've never been to London, so I'm glad to see the old postcard.

  2. I don't know if your like me, but I tend to associate particular buildings with particular events in my life. Admiralty Arch I associate with 1971 & The Emperor of Japans State Visit to see The Queen of England.I remember vividly being in the crowd as he drove thru the Arch.All the Japanese Flags everywhere.The excitement of my Japanese girlfriend who was with me and the disgust of my Uncle (an ex-POW) who very much wasn't there!
    Now......I,ve got some photos somewhere.......{scratches head}!

  3. Always fascinated by buildings that span a road allowing traffic to go through.

  4. How beautiful :-)
    That reminds me of my first time in London :-)
    I was walking there (in a lot more of traaffic) with a dear friend of mine. He knew I studied Latin, so he asked me to translate what's written on the arch. But I can't see very well, so I had to go closer to the arch and I didn't realise I was just in the middle of the street XD So if it wasn't for my friend who took care of me, making me avoid cars, I would be flat like paint on that street now ;-D

  5. Lovely postcards. I think it would be so fun to visit England some day. My husband lived in England for a while, but doesn't remember seeing the Admiralty Arch.

  6. I'm sure I saw Admiralty Arch when I was in London, especially because it's near Buckingham Palace. But I don't remember it. It was too long ago. But it's a fabulous piece of architecture.

  7. It is a wonderful thing, but I think over the ages it has lost the original theatrical impact because of the traffic and the competing features of Charing Cross.

  8. so how does everyone feel about the sale of admiralty arch to a spanosh developer


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