Sunday, 21 March 2010

Vintage postcards of English counties

It was only recently when my English counties vintage postcards web page was getting too big and I was giving some of the English counties their own web page, that I realised there were a handful of English counties of which I've only ever had only 3 or 4 postcards, and in some cases just 1 or 2. Those where I seem to have the most postcards are Devon, Sussex, London, Yorkshire and Kent, whereas in contrast I have only ever come across 3 or 4 from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Nottinghamshire, and as far as I can tell I've only ever had one from Buckinghamshire and Leicestershire. My assumption is that the more prolific counties were those with a tourist or cultural interest, e.g. seaside towns, historic buildings and monuments, etc. So, a rather long-winded introduction, but today's blog entry is dedicated to those counties from which I have only ever found a small number of vintage postcards.

Pavilion, Victoria Park, Leicester, Leicestershire, c.1911 - 1930

Wingrave Church, Buckinghamshire

Bedford, a Peep on the Ouse, c.1904

Nottingham University and lake, c.1956

You'll find hundreds more vintage postcards on my web site

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