Sunday, 6 December 2009

Dreaming Spires - vintage postcards of Oxford Colleges

Over the years I seem to have accidentally built up a modest collection of vintage postcards of the various Oxford colleges. These vary from some admittedly quite dull cards of Jesus College, generally published by Frith, to some stunning artist drawn/artist signed postcards. The college which seems to come up most frequently is Magdalen College, with its Founders' Tower, and also Jesus, Queens and Christchurch. One of my favourite Oxford college postcard is the one I've show here. This is an artist drawn postcard of the New College Cloisters, by the artist ESC, and published by Alden. This postcard is not dated but would guess it's around the 1940's. I have no idea regarding the identity of E.S.C. My normally trusty postcard reference book let me down on this one.

I have also found plenty of vintage postcards of the Cambridge colleges such as Clare, Kings, Trinity and St. John's, with the latter probably being the most common. The postcard below shows the entrance to King's College and is published by valentine.

As always you can find these vintage postcards, and plenty of others on my vintage postcard website.


  1. I'l send this link to my Grandfather who went to Oxford:) hehe I've been clicking on your google ads!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Hope the ad's are relevant.


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