Monday, 2 November 2009

Vintage postcards - Christmas

Quite excited today as I have made lots of new discoveries (well, they're new to me anyway) ... I discovered a new subcategory of vintage postcards, that of vintage Christmas postcards, one of which was drawn by a postcard artist previously unknown to me, H.W.Cowderoy. I have also found out that an artist whom I only previously associated with landscapes, Ernest Longstaffe, has also produced Christmas postcards.

Aside from the magic generally associated with Christmas, there's something extra special about these postcards in that they have a purity and innocence that sadly seems to have been swept away by the consumerism now associated with the festive season.

And to round off my pre-festive cheer, I have also discovered that one of my favourite vintage postcard publishers, Raphael Tuck, produced not only Christmas postcards but also Christmas cards as well. Some of these are quite intricate, often with embossed lettering and picture, or perhaps a cut-out, and bound with a piece of ribbon or coloured string.

It will probably be some time before I list these cards and postcards on my site, if at all as they're so beautiful, but I do have quite a few other Raphael Tuck vintage postcards for sale at the moment.

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