Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Easter vintage postcards by Raphael Tuck

Ok, so I went a bit early by talking about vintage Christmas postcards in November, but I'm about to beat that by writing about Easter vintage postcards. Having just received a batch of these, all published by Raphael Tuck, I felt compelled to blog about them, even though we're not passed Thanksgiving yet.

The majority of the Easter postcards I came across have an embossed silver cross and an embossed floral design, accompanied by a short verse. As you would probably expect, unlike the bright colours of the vintage Christmas postcards, the colours on these Easter postcards are considerably more subtle and toned down, comprising of delicate, light blues, lilac and magnolia.

The ones I have all date to around the early 1900's and were posted to and from the UK, USA and Canada.

I have quite a backlog of postcards to process properly, so it will be a while before these end up on my Flickr site or my own web site, so please enjoy these two samples for now ... and who knows, I may actually post the rest in time for Easter.


  1. Christmas will be over before you know it, so good idea to do Easter. From your twitter entry.

  2. Yes, you're probably right ... but perhaps I should look to squeeze a few New Year or Valentine's Day postcards in between.


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