Friday, 3 February 2012

Theme Thursday - Storm

I posted a blog entry of Stormy Seas several months ago, but so as not to repeat myself I have selected a different one to share for this week's Theme Thursday Storm. This is a vintage postcard of the cliffs at Margate, Kent, by the artist G.E.Newton. Postcard was published by Raphael Tuck and dates back to 1904.

Cliffs at Margate by the artist G.E.Newton



  1. Those are some powerful waves crashing ~~ nice!!

  2. oh wow look at those breakers on the cliffs....

  3. I think if I were living near there that I would not be anywhere near those cliffs. Although they would be a beautiful sight to behold. That is a fantastic card that shows how nature is a strong force that stays the same.

    Thank you for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. Happy TT.

    God bless.


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