Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Stamps 49 - Christmas Aerogrammes

My posting for this week's Sunday Stamps are stamps, but perhaps not in the conventional sense. These are in fact aerogrammes, which are basically pre-printed, pre-stamped, airmail weight letters. They almost certainly came as a gift from my mother who always bought me first day covers, but I don't remember them at all, and they were hidden away in the inside flap of my album. Bit what a find, and very appropriate for Christmas.

Christmas aerogramme, designed by Carol Walkin

Christmas aerogramme, designed by Victoria Ambrus

Christmas aerogramme, designed by Harry Titcombe

So another year is almost at its end. I can't believe how quickly this one has gone. My eldest has just finished his GCSE mock exams, my middle one is now a good 2 inches taller than me, and my youngest has just started senior school. So a big Happy Christmas to everyone reading this, and thanks for all the great comments on my blog posts throughout the year. My New Year's resolution is to find time to comment more on other people's postings.

As usual 100's of vintage postcards on my web site and also don't forget to see what's behind the door of my vintage postcard advent calendar



  1. wow!! these are sooooooooo lovely!! Though I don't use aerogrammes, I wouldnt mind getting some mail like this. They are like stationery!

    thanks so much for sharing! And have a Merry Christmas too!

  2. What wonderful designs, really brings back the days when everyone wrote letters.
    Have a Happy Christmas.

  3. These are lovely; what a lucky find. You never know what may be hidden in old albums or books. The cook book in my post this week had someone’s menu written on a piece of notepaper in it. They were obviously browsing the book for inspiration. Happy Chrsitmas to you too.

  4. Those are very nice. I never saw Christmas aerograms with postage before.

  5. I remember aerogramms - the USPS probably doesn't make these anymore. I have three children too though I do not blog about them. they are a little younger than your children. thansk for participating!

  6. I have never seen such elaborate aerogrammes - the ones I got were always the plain blue ones. Then again, I probably wouldn't have wanted to ruin the look of these by writing on them!

  7. Awesome work! This "ancient" style is pretty good. On I've found also good collection of postcards, enjoy!


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