Monday, 26 July 2010

Vintage Carte de Visite (CDV)

A slight departure from my normal vintage postcards blog entry today to cover another subject of interest to me, Carte de Visites (CDV). Unlike a vintage postcard which, if written, can reveal lots of information about it's sender and/or recipient, the CDV typically has no information other than the photographer, and very occasionally some hand-written information.

I like to think of the first two CDV's here as a couple as I bought them together, they are by the same photographer, and of a very similar style, but maybe that's just coincidence. Something I particularly like about all four CDV's below is the intricate designs on the back of the cards, particularly on the last two.

Bearded gentleman, photographed by J.Grey, 60 Union Street, Stonehouse, Devon

Lady, photographed by J.Grey, 60 Union Street, Stonehouse, Devon

Young man, photographed by Robert Thrupp, 66 New Street, Birmingham

Young man, photographed by W.Baker, Highgate Studios, 110 Moseley Road, Birmingham

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  1. Bob, these are wonderful Sometimes that back is almost as interesting as the front.

  2. This are so good, I wonder what era they are from as I have never seen any CDVs before. I agree with Christine about the back, the detail is so interesting.


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